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Who We Are.

Based in beautiful Umhlanga South Africa, at Morley Miller we take into account our clients lifestyle when it comes to the designing of stunning interior spaces. Intelligent design means Morley Miller is more than a design studio. We are the guides of design journeys that end with our client experiencing a new chapter in their lives rather than just having a new addition to their living space.
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Why Us?

Kitchen design intelligence with Morley Miller

“Innovation comes from the road and the observation of it, not the destination of the road.” – Richard Morley.

Our designers are fully involved in the design experience, from the initial design drafts to the final sign off. This close working relationship encompasses the aspiration of always providing superior designs and fully functional projects which are a true reflection of what the client really wants.

At Morley Miller, we are more than a studio.

Our services include the manufacturing and installation process, approaching the design project in a holistic way. This is the method that ensures you always receive the final outcome you really want. Regardless of whether it is a kitchen design you are looking at or a cellar for your bar, the main concern is that your design not only looks fantastic but that it is also fully functional. We are as meticulous with the installation process as we are with the initial design. Once the design is manufactured and the installation is complete, we shift our attention to the aesthetics of the design. Our attention to the finest of details results in a fully functional final project that will add value to your lifestyle. We also do bathroom designs.

Intelligent kitchen design with lifestyle at its heart

The kitchen is the heart of the home; the one space where the entire family can come together at the start and end of each day. When approaching kitchen design, we start with understanding the needs of the family. Are they people on the go, in need of a simple, yet comfortable place to enjoy a quick meal? Or are they the type of people who treat their kitchen as another important family space?

In terms of kitchen design, the needs of our clients is the starting point for most of our projects.

We offer modern kitchen designs with islands or without, depending on your tastes and requirements while we can also provide a functional kitchen design for a small kitchen space. We are inspired by new projects and the ideas our clients bring to the table. Our portfolio boasts an array of kitchen design photos of past projects that you can use to build on your ideas, while our more than able designers can provide all of the information you could need. Visit our offices in Umhlanga, Durban and Ballito.

Kitchen design for the modern family

Each of us has a different idea of what the perfect kitchen should look like. For some, it’s the cluttered look while for others, a minimalist look, with plenty of space, is the dream. We have created kitchen designs for both types of people, but one thing remains the same: modern looking kitchens are most popular among both clients and designers. Not only is the modern kitchen design functional, but it is can easily be updated, making such designs practical. The kitchen is not just the place for the family to gather. It is also a place for work to be done, a place to socialise and of course the place to make a meal. Because of the many uses of this particular space, when designing the modern kitchen, we work with each client to ensure that every need is met. With the modern kitchen, it is all about sharp, clean edges. But when it comes to design, you have the say over how you want your space to look. We combine practical design, and your ideas, with the basic concepts of the modern kitchen. This way, you have a space that is unique to you but still has all of the elements that makes it a modern kitchen.

The Elements of a Modern Kitchen

Every aspect of the kitchen is taken into account when the design process begins. Enough space for storage, surfaces to work on and the lighting is important to the overall look and functionality of the kitchen. Lighting is particularly important. Complimented with the right colours, lighting can completely alter the look of a kitchen. It can create a cosy vibe or it can open the space entirely, making the kitchen look far bigger than it is. Natural lighting and layered lighting are both good options. We’ll first assess the space we’re working with before making any suggestions. Space is the next big design factor. Keep in mind that we do offer kitchen design for small kitchens, so we can generally make enough space for storage. Kitchen design with an island is also a popular modern trend that can provide additional space. The kitchen island can provide extra seating space, which is nice if your kitchen is your social space.

Modern kitchen design prices don’t have to be overly expensive either. Using a smart team like ours and choosing the right materials can both minimise the price and the effort.

At Morley Miller, aesthetics meets great functional design. We are not only artists when it comes to kitchen design, we transform all types of livings spaces, breathing new life into existing rooms. When you are looking for the best kitchen design, or if you feel the time is right for a home makeover, make an appointment with Morley Miller, and allow us to bring your ideas to life.

Areas we Service:

  • Ballito
  • North coast 
  • Salt rock
  • Hillcrest
  • Kloof
  • KZN
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